A Photographer's Perspective

As a wedding photographer, I have seen countless couples debate whether or not to do a first look on their wedding day. While some may view it as breaking tradition, I highly recommend it for several reasons. My #1 reason is a first look allows for a more intimate and emotional moment between you and your partner. Instead of waiting until the ceremony to see each other for the first time, a first look allows for a private moment to exchange vows, shed tears, and embrace each other before the hustle and bustle of the day begins. Trust me when I say that after the ceremony the time goes by so fast!

You get more portraits together

Secondly, a first look allows for more time to capture beautiful, emotive portraits. This is the perfect time to document real time moments that are unposed - as you can take your time and truly soak in the moment. You will absolutely get more portraits in your wedding gallery of you and your partner together. You will also have your iconic couple's sunset portraits later in the evening. Double intimate time together! In addition, a first look allows for more flexibility in your wedding timeline. Rather than trying to squeeze in all of the couple and wedding party photos after the ceremony, a first look allows for these photos to be taken before the ceremony. Freeing up more time for the reception and ensuring that you get the photos that you desire. You can also take advantage of the beautiful lighting and scenic locations for your photos without feeling rushed or pressured. Instead of feeling stressed about getting your shot list checked off, a first look allows for a more relaxed flow by allowing for more time to enjoy the day with family and friends.

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Alleviate Wedding Day Stress

In addition to beautiful photos, a first look can also alleviate wedding day stress. The anticipation and nerves leading up to the ceremony can be overwhelming, but a first look can provide a much-needed moment of calm and intimacy. It's a chance for you and your partner to take a deep breath, exchange heartfelt words, and remind each other why you're getting married. This moment can help break the ice, get more comfortable in front of the camera, and give you confidence while walking down the isle!

Create a unique experience

A first look is a moment that you will cherish forever. It's a priceless experience that is only witnessed by you, your Bride or Groom to be, and your camera team.

Overall, while a first look may not be for everyone, it definitely has its benefits. It allows for a more intimate and emotional moment between you and your partner, more time for beautiful natural portraits, a way to alleviate pre-ceremony jitters, and flexibility in your wedding timeline. It's a personal decision for every couple, but it's definitely worth considering. As a photographer, I highly recommend considering a first look on your wedding day.